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Rabbit - 18 Kwiecień 2015, 15:46
Temat postu: Statistics of Polish championships at 70th - 80th
I want find people from Poland who is interested in statistics of Polish championships of 70th - 80th. I have a lot of these data and ready to share it with any people! But I have some questions and "white spots" on this subject!

SuperJ - 19 Kwiecień 2015, 22:44

Welcome. We have a few guys here that spent a lot of their time on Polish hockey database. Ask away.
Rabbit - 20 Kwiecień 2015, 01:57

SuperJ napisał/a:
Welcome. We have a few guys here that spent a lot of their time on Polish hockey database. Ask away.

It's very pleasant to read that there are persons interested in this subject in Poland! I thought so and hoped on it very much!
I have my own database on Polish hockey and all can see it here:
I worked it out with assistance of guys from Russia, USA, Switzerland e t.c. But some infomation is incomplete or missed there. I hope it will be completed with an assistance of guys from Poland! )))
Let me to begin asking from simple questions on players' persons. There are lot of players I know they played at Polish championships but nothing else. Can anybody to complete some information (firstname, position, borndate, bornplace, height, weight) on these persons:

Kula (played for Polonia Bytom at 1983-84)
Maryniok W (Polonia Bytom 1982-83, Legia 1978-79)
Cieśliak W (Zaglebie 1983-86)
Bloda K (or Blada) (Zaglebie 1981-83)
Pikul St (Zaglebie 1975-78)
Bołbotowski A (Zaglebie 1976-78)
Stachowski (Zaglebie 1977-78) maybe the same person as Stachowicz M (Zaglebie 1975-77)?
Surmiński C (Zaglebie 1975-78)
Bosoniec (Zaglebie 1976-77)
Bugajczyk Zb (Zaglebie 1976-77)
Kalisz (Zaglebie 1976-77) - maybe the same person as GK Janusz Kalisz?
Nowak M (Zaglebie 1975-77)
Strzelecki A (Zaglebie 1975-77)
Tokarski (Zaglebie 1976-77)
Becker P (Zaglebie 1975-76)
Dusiński M (Zaglebie 1975-76)
Krawczyk W (Zaglebie 1975-76)
Marszałek A (Zaglebie 1975-76)
Siemiński A (GKS Katowice 1969-70, Zaglebie 1975-76)
Szlęk G - goalkeeper (Zaglebie 1975-76)

To be continued...

[ Dodano: 20 Kwiecień 2015, 11:16 ]
Next part of question:

Krzeszka (Naprzod 1985-86) or it was Jan Krzoska?
Paczkowski (Naprzod 1983-84)
Jarguz J (Naprzod 1975-76)
Arszennik (Stoczniowiec 1982-86)
Studencki (Stoczniowiec 1982-86)
Felinski (Stoczniowiec 1985-86)
Araszkiewicz (Stoczniowiec 1985-86)
Kosiński A (Stoczniowiec 1982-86)
Kasprzak (Stoczniowiec 1982-83)
Kordanowski (Stoczniowiec 1982-83, LKS 1984-85)
Olender J (Stoczniowiec 1982-83) – there was Olender Waldemar that season. Were it different persons?
Urban (Stoczniowiec 1982-83)
Gotalski S (Stoczniowiec 1978-79)
Kosecki (Stoczniowiec 1978-79)
Garski (GKS Katowice 1985-86)
Ritszel (GKS Katowice 1984-86). Jacek Ritszel from Polonia – another person?
Kapica L (GKS Katowice 1981-85)
Tarlich (GKS Katowice 1982-83)
Pyszka (GKS Katowice 1978-79)
Rezner (GKS Katowice 1978-79)
Halicki (GKS Katowice 1978-79)
Oleś (GKS Katowice 1977-78)
Mruk J – coach (GKS Katowice 1977-78)
Łapaj M (GKS Katowice 1975-77)
Stalmach H (GKS Katowice 1975-77)
Słomiany P (GKS Katowice 1975-76)
Okoń R – goalkeeper (GKS Katowice 1975-76)

To be continued

SuperJ - 25 Kwiecień 2015, 01:05

There's at least one guy here who can easily answer all these questions. His name is Tryton and if you get his attention, you will be more than impressed.

From my end, I could try to bring up our database online again. For sure, there's some info there that would help. But I do admit it's been a while since I've taken it down and some effort is involved. A win over the Huns tomorrow might just provide the boost. :)

Rabbit - 25 Kwiecień 2015, 18:26

SuperJ, yes, of course... I marked two persons who are interested more then others - "Tryton" and "historyk hokeja'. But, according their profiles, Historyk didn't visit the forum from 2014, oct and Tryton didn't visit in some years... Do you have any contacts of them outside forum? (email, facebook etc) I think they can surprise me very much and I have some things to surprise them!
I would get acquainted with both of them with a great pleasure!
On your database - I didn't see it but I'm very intrigued! Hope that will be many interesting facts for me and hope I can give you some additions )))) So I wait for your win and I'm rooting with you by my whole heart!!! <radocha>

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